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As we continue to grow in our network of organizations supporting this film, we would like to share the information with you and for you or someone you love.



VITFriends is a patient advocacy group that encourages, educates and empowers our Vitiligo Friends to know all there is to know about their disease; to advocate for themselves; to be comfortable in their own skin and to LIVE their best life NOW! Our ultimate desire is to see changes for our community in the areas of: (1)Vitiligo Legislation (2) Correct Insurance labeling (3) Funding for Support Group Programs and (4) Funding for Research.

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Or Call: (844) 374-3639 • (844) FRI-ENDZ

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MyVitiligoTeam is a social network and online support group for those living with vitiligo. Get the emotional support you need from others like you, and gain practical advice and insights on managing treatment or therapies for vitiligo. MyVitiligoTeam is the only social network where you can truly connect, make real friendships, and share daily ups and downs in a judgment-free place.

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Labour of Love takes you along a journey, through the experiences and life, of a young Caribbean woman, searching for love and validation in the things of the world. 

Over time, her journey takes her on one of self discovery and self mastery, as her skin changes and her physical appearance gives her the look of someone she could no longer recognized. 

Her new outward appearance, causes her to look deeper at who she was on the inside, and search the heart of God to see where he truly wanted her to be, and discover who he called her to be, even before she discovered this herself.

As you walk through this journey with her, she will take you through nine chapters, almost to mimic the pregnancy and birthing process of a woman carrying a baby. 

Her story will take you along the path of her childhood, into her adulthood, to share with you how trauma affects our choices, how mistakes make room for motivation, and how Pain will bring you to your place of PURPOSE.

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