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Sponsorships & Donations

The More Than Our Skin, Organization is recognized by the IRS as a not for profit 501c3 charitable organization. Your donation to the More Than Our Skin Organization is tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Consult your tax adviser to see how this may apply to you.



Thank you for your generous tax-deductible gift to our film, "MORE THAN OUR SKIN". We are thrilled to have your support.

More Than Our Skin will tell an important story about what it means to live with the auto-immune disease, Vitiligo.

Our sponsors are enabling this project to be completed and shown to audiences throughout the world. Your tax-deductible contribution will be put to work to cover the costs of editing, finishing, and distributing this important film. 

Our crew is incredibly grateful for your support. You can see a current list of our corporate/individual sponsors and donors at the bottom of this page.

– Tonia Magras, Producer/Director, More Than Our Skin

Questions about sponsorship?
Contact me at

Sponsorship/Donor Levels and Benefits

Your generous donation IN ANY AMOUNT can be made at anytime by filling out the form below.


Official Sponsorship packages are available beginning at $1,000 and customizable to your organization’s unique marketing strategy, style, and product or service.


Remember, as a Sponsor, you can make a tax-deductible contribution.

ALL SPONSORS (over $1,000) receive the following…
– Official Sponsorship certificate signed by the film’s producers
– Acknowledgement in the film’s credits
– Acknowledgement on the film’s website
– Acknowledgement at all official screenings – Access to an exclusive    online screening
– One (1) movie poster, framed and signed by the film’s director

In addition, choose from one of the following sponsorship packages…

BRONZE SPONSORS · $1,000 – 2,499
– Two (2) tickets to a More Than Our Skin screening at participating cities

– Two (2) signed DVD copies

SILVER SPONSORS · $2,500 – 4,999
– Four (4) tickets to a More Than Our Skin screening at participating cities

– Four (4) signed DVD copies

GOLD SPONSORS · $5,000 – 9,999
– Six (6) tickets to a More Than Our Skin screening at participating cities
– Six (6) signed DVD copies

– Platinum-level sponsor acknowledgement in the film’s credits, on the film’s website, and at all official screenings 
– A private, pre-release film screening for up to 10 guests at your location (limited to US)

– Eight (8) signed DVD copies

Accepted Payments

Payments can be made securely through our website by filling out the Sponsor Donation form below.

Other ways do make your donation:


Mail your check/money order to: 

More Than Our Skin

c/o Hull Bay Productions

P.O. Box 506

Leominster, MA 01453

Or CLICK on one of the payment images below:

Or donate directly through the website:
Sponsor Donation
Please choose one of the 5 Sponsorship options.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Corporate & Individual Sponsors
Anchor 1

Abundant Life Church, Cambridge MA
Incyte Corporation
John Laing

Eric Peacock
Dominic & Alicia Roufs
PRA Group, Inc. (Norfolk, VA)

Jessica Tiahrt and Vicki Tiara
VITFriends (Vitiligo Support Group)


Susan Adams 

Richard Allen

Carolyn Archible

Ireta Ashby

Linda Ayer

Silvana Baldo

Carolyn Barry

Rachel Barten

Monica Belton 

Maxine Bennett

Sandra Berry

Tania Blanco

Denise D. Blanks

Jim Boyd

Willie Bradley

Mark Braxton

Venus Brevard

Terence Burke

Greta Byron

Paul Caruso

Ayesha Carty

Community of Apostolic and Prophetic Practice

Katrina Christian

Ellen Coil

Robert Collins, Sr.

D'Lyric Inspired, LLC

Raymond Emerson 

Ilene Fischer

Charles Frances

Erica DeCastro

Bronwyn Davis

Joseph Devon

Amy Dwyer

Kristin Dwyer

Marie-Claire Dwyer

Antoinette Ellis

Mike and Denice Feekes

Ilene Fischer

Susan Foley

Sherryn Denise Frazier 

Robert Ginyard

Rhonda D. Greene

George "Chip" Greenidge

Tada Grey 

William Griffis, Jr.

Sheri Gross

Carrie Guarino


Nicole Gunasekera

Vesper Williams Hall

Barbara J. Hamilton

Althea Hankey

R. Harper

Michelle Harris

Margaret Hill

Fred & Arlene Hines

Kenneth Hite, Jr. 

Frank Holland

Richard Huggins

Nzimah Hutchings

Nina Isles

Mark Jones

Patricia Jordan

Jessica Keith

Dr. Dorrance Kennedy


Beverly Lewis

Danielle Lewis

Brinkman Lovice

Stephen Lucas

Stephanie Mack

Donnette Madrey

Barbara Magras

Gregory & Tonia Magras

Tim Mangini

King and Audrey Martin

Jean Masland

Gary Matta

Devon McCarley

Jacqueline McDonald

Natasha McDowall

Millicent Meadows

Nick Meadows

Tyrone Meadows

Melsada Molyneaux

Roy Molyneaux

Valarie Molyneaux 

Maureen Monte 

Nichelle Moses

Margaret Murphy

Grover Neal

Elizabeth Neptune

Betty Nobles

Jennie O'Donnell

Amit Pandya

DeAngela Perry


Dr. Mildred Pierce

Angela Pierre

Robert Pope

Tonya Rabouin

Raleigh North Christian Center

Raphel Family

Charlene Raynor 

Cynthia Richardson

P.K. Ricketts

Denzel Rodriguez

Laura Rodriguez

Ralph Rolle

Richard & Patricia Rossy 

Herbie Roufs

David Russell

Victoria Samayoa 

Jessika Sanz 

Cathy Sauls

Donavan Seay

Sam Shaw

Vaneeta Sheth

Adair Smith

Monica Smith

Alice Stewart

Carol Sumler 

Katani Sumner

Manuel Torres

Diane Tribitt


Myrica Walls

Sharon Ward

Rachelle Webb

Edris Webbe

Valerie Webbe

Joseph Wesson

Dennis Wharton

Maurice Wilkey

Shavone Wilkins

Percess Williamson

Rebecca Willis

Rochelle Yarborough

Donations Made In Loving Memory Of:

Elder Margaret Meadows-Allen

David Clarke Blackman, II

Frances Bourne

Mary K. Cousin

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