Upcoming Events

Research & Development

March, 2021 - May, 2021

The filmmakers are working tirelessly on research and development for the film, More Than Our Skin, scheduled to premiere in the Spring of 2022.

This work includes writing a comprehensive proposal in the hopes of obtaining production funding for the project.

This work also includes meeting with the creative team behind More Than Our Skin. These meetings are happening weekly to go over completed assignments and manage next steps.

To learn more about our Creative Team, click here.


May, 2021 - September, 2021

Filming production begins! The production team will be traveling to Minnesota, North Carolina, Chicago and throughout New England to record the interviews being used for the production of this film.

May, 2021

New Prague, MN

Filming Alicia Rouf and her family, including husband Dominic, her son, parents and sister.

July, 2021

Raleigh, NC

Filming Katrina Christian, her husband Doug, family and church family.

July, 2021

Bronx, NY

Filming of Patricia Rossy, her husband Richard, son, friends and church family.

August, 2021

Hartford, CT

Filming of Millicent Meadows, family and friends.

August, 2021

Various, Masschusetts

Filming of Valarie Molyneaux, family and friends.

Filming of Dr. John Harris, M.D. and research lab.

Filming of Dr. David Rosmarin, M.D. and research lab

September, 2021

Detroit, MI

Filming Dr. Richard Huggins