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No Longer Scared!

Dear Vitiligo-I’m no longer scared.

I’m no longer scared of you. I’m not the little elementary and middle school kid scared to show her fingers and toes because she doesn’t understand what is happening to her and why her hands and toes look different from others. I’m no longer that scared little girl.

I’m no longer the high schooler that is figuring out that she must have that “Michael Jackson” disease. I’m not trying to explain something I have no knowledge of and trying to act like it doesn’t bother me. I’m no longer looking at my family and trying to see if I’m the only one with this condition. It no longer bothers me. I’m not scared of you Vitiligo.

I’m no longer the woman trying to hide the fact that you are spreading to my other extremities almost monthly. I’m no longer the woman that you use to scare into not wearing open toed shoes. I’m no longer the woman you scared into anxiety for most of her life. I’m not scared of you Vitiligo.

I’m no longer scared that my children will be teased about their mother having spots on her face, hands, etc. I’m no longer scared that they would not want me to be their mother or that you (vitiligo) will try to take their confidence one day. I accept that I am different and will possibly change time and time again over my life with spots appearing and disappearing. I’m no longer scared to talk about what is happening to me on the inside as well as the outside concerning you. I no longer get mad when met with questions about my condition that are deliberately meant to be mean and cruel. I no longer get anxiety when people stare at me as if I’m an alien or contagious.

No, I’m no longer scared of you Vitiligo, in fact, I embrace you. I love how you have shaped me into the strong, bold, humble, and confident woman I am today. I love how you have given me an identity that no one will ever be able to duplicate. I love the bonds made and community of family and friends I have made learning and teaching others about you and how to deal with you. I know you will continue to be a menace to us and elusive in so many ways but, I’m no longer scared of you.

Your friend,

Tiffany Stancil

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