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Loose Change

Dear Cashier,

When I was diagnosed with Vitiligo, one of the things I feared most was how people would react to me as my skin loses color.

The day I dreaded happened when I was in your line to be checked out. Not only did you "drop the change in my hand", but you also refused to make eye contact with me.

What were you thinking? Did you really think I was contagious? What you did was hurtful, but I did not let your ignorance stop me from getting in your line. In fact, I purposely got in your line every time I saw you working. Not to cause any trouble, but to make you aware that I know what you did. I also wanted you to respect me as you do with other customers. There were many times I wanted to tell you, "I AM NOT CONTAGIOUS, and I am a human being just like you!"

I recall the day when you no longer dropped the change in my hand. I don't know what happened to change your reaction. Perhaps you educated yourself on Vitiligo or perhaps someone educated you. Regardless of what happened, I was just happy to know my persistence paid off.


A determined customer aka Katrina Christian

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