I am so proud to support and be committed to this film, "More Than Our Skin."

I believe this film will educate the world on Vitiligo.

I believe this film will reveal the social and emotional impact.

I believe this film will support individuals with Vitiligo.

I believe this film will be instrumental in getting the support from the federal government and the medical community (i.e. funding, FDA approved drugs, finding a cure).

And, I believe this film will continue to encourage me to inspire hope in individuals with Vitiligo.


The Voices

Katrina L. Christian, North Carolina


Patricia Ann Rossy, New York

I see this film as an important vessel for those people who are

ignorant to the hurt that this Vitiligo disease causes to the humans

affected.  I say humans, because of the treatment we are constantly

subjected to - as if we weren't human.

Personally, I know this film will empower me and others to speak

the truth about how we felt and how I learned to cope once I found

my VITFriends family.

Valarie Molyneaux, VITFriends President & CEO

I was first diagnosed with Vitiligo in 2002. Not being familiar with the condition and learning there was NOTHING my doctor could do, I was devastated and fell into depression. There was NO support group or people who I could turn to, so in 2004 I started to search the internet for answers. The thought overwhelmed me that I should start a group but I had NO model to follow or ideas of what to do, so I resorted to what I knew, which was PRAYER. 


Even though Vitiligo is NOT contagious, in 2005, my husband began showing signs of the condition as well. Also in 2005, I joined a support group in California and there I met some wonderful new friends. In 2007 that group announced hosting a conference in VA and my husband and I, along with my new friends, we all agreed that we would attend. After asking the leadership if we could start a group on the East Coast for them, they felt it would not work. So we returned home excited to give it a try on our own. 


In 2009, I spoke with my new vitiligo friends on the east coast and ask would they assist me with starting a group. They all agreed and we held our first meeting July 2009 in Boston. Today, twelve years later, we are still GOING and GROWING and from three groups (MA, NY & CT) to now 11 State groups, a children’s and a teens group = 13. Our proudest moment was our Vitiligo CALL to Action. This is when we hosted the first ever Vitiligo RALLY on the U. S. Capitol Steps in June 2016! Secondly is our ACTION to see that TUFT offer insurance coverage to Vitiligo patients in 2019. In this community we want to remain “Boots on the Ground.”


I have lived my entire life with Vitiligo, almost a total of 44 years.

I lived alone with this pain for so many years. I had no one like me

that I could talk to about it until I was 32 years old. I was a child of

vitiligo. I was bullied, called names, isolated and alone. 

I want to help be a voice for the children of vitiligo. To help them

know that they are okay and not alone. To let them know it gets

better! We need people to listen and understand. This story

deserves to be heard! 

Alicia Roufs, Minnesota

Millicent Meadows, Connecticut


Many stones have been thrown in my path of life, and Vitiligo was one of them.


For years I struggled with self-acceptance, and the affect others perceived of me,

such as fear of getting to close or my ethnicity. That alone is the reason why

making this film is important. Even though Vitiligo is coming to the forefront on

various media sites, it still isn’t enough. Having a collaboration of personal Vitiligo

stories in one film will set a precedent.


This film will not only educate those unknown to Vitiligo, but will help the

individuals with Vitiligo who’s been voiceless, take one step towards

self-acceptance. It should be our honor as people with Vitiligo to remain diligent

in advocating and educating about this skin disease through different outlets.


This film will be one of them. As stated earlier in this letter, there will be many

stones thrown in our paths during our lifetime, but it will be up to us how they

will be used. 


In the end by being a part of this film and hearing my story, I hope to leave a

legacy for the here and now and those to come to always stay encouraged,

unwavering and resilient. 

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Gregory & Tonia Magras, filmmakers

Gregory (Director of Production) and his wife Tonia (Executive Producer/Director/Editor) founded Hull Bay Productions in January, 2015.


As Head of Production, Gregory is responsible for procuring equipment and personnel for all Hull Bay Productions' projects and leads the charge in consultations and training.

Tonia is a multi-award winning producer and director, who's been creating content since 1990. Tonia spent 25 years at WGBH, PBS' flagship station before moving on to her own creative projects.

Together, Gregory and Tonia have produced many short-form projects and have consulted on several film and video productions. In 2018, their film, "100 Years, 100 Voices of Faith" appeared in the Roxbury International Film Festival for Outstanding Documentary.

Since then, they continue to rack up awards for their work, including a 2020 Communicators' Award, 4 2021 Communicators' Awards and a 2021 Webby Honoree for their podcast, The PowerPLAY Show.