A Documentary Film Premiering 2022!

A Hull Bay Productions Film

Introduction to the film, More Than Our Skin

We live in a society where beauty is determined by how we look.  The prevalence of beauty products, fashion magazines and films impose their standards upon us daily, reinforcing the misconception that beauty is only skin deep.  We only have to look in the mirror to know, the only person who can define beauty for us is the one being reflected, not the one spread on the cover of a magazine. Shouldn’t those living with the effects of Vitiligo be afforded the same consideration?


More Than Our Skin is a documentary exploring the depths and effects of living with Vitiligo. Vitiligo is an auto-immune disease in which the skin loses its pigment cells resulting in discolored patches throughout the body. People with the condition not only experience high levels of depression, but also suffer from social stigmatization and isolation. The result, oftentimes, manifests as shame, avoidance of intimacy, and in far too many cases – suicidal ideation.


More Than Our Skin will show and tell the stories of those privately suffering in this very public silence as they try to hide in plain sight. We’ll look at how society’s notions of beauty and belonging have conspired to erase the more than 70 million people around the globe who suffer in silence. The irony and beauty of the film project is that More Than Our Skin will give face to those whose face has been the source of so much pain and discomfort.


The Hull Bay Productions creative team has partnered with several Vitiligo support and advocacy groups to bring this project to fruition, and has secured an ever-expanding, diverse cast of people who are willing to tell their stories, many for the first time, as they make positive steps to bring understanding, inclusivity, and awareness to this widely misunderstood disease.  

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